Ian Williamson First National Hills Direct

To achieve a positive and impressive sale result Ian focuses on correctly pricing a property based on thorough research and recent sales. He believes that marketing the property in a strategic manner and employing a smart sale method that best suits your property will appeal to a wider range of potential buyers.


Ian places an importance on training, ongoing professional development and mentoring, he is always adapting to the changing real estate world. Ian ongoing knowledge and training have only helped him acquire the correct approach to all client’s needs. Ian ensures that he has the best foundation possible to service his clients. Ian has the knowledge and experience that buyers and sellers need in a market that requires an agent who knows the market and has the most effective tools at his fingertips. Ian sets forth groundwork for excellence which allows him to provide a level of service rarely seen in the real estate world, that is why he loves his work. Ian takes pride in his achievements and finds enjoyment in working with all of his clients to provide a selling or purchasing experience unsurpassed by any other agent.

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Address: 2/65 Sentry Dr, Stanhope Gardens NSW 2768
HoursOpen today · 9am–5:30pm

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