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Hello, my name is Dr. Jack Yang and I recently took over the dental practice located in here the Terry White Chemist in the Winston Hills Mall. Many of my new patients tell me how they’d been struggling to find the right dentist and how great it’s been to find me.

So, to help you decide whether I might be right for you, I’ll try to give you simple answers to the questions I typically get asked. They may help you decide that I am the dentist for you.

If You Are Anxious Or Embarrassed.
There’s no need to be! If you have not seen a dentist for many years because you just hate the thought of going to the dentist or you’ve had a bad experience, I understand. I’ll always take time to listen to you so that I know your concerns and what you want. You see it’s not just teeth I treat but the very important person on the other side of that smile.

How Do You Decide What Treatment Is Right For Me?
That’s a very easy question for me to answer. We provide the full range of dental care… from stopping tooth ache fast to implants and great cosmetic dentistry so we have all the right options for your care.

Rest assured the treatment I recommend for you will be the same as I would use for my family or myself … if I wouldn’t do it for them or have it done to me there’s no way I’d recommend it for you… absolutely no way. Put simply that means I never recommend “cheap” or short-term solutions.

Is Your Treatment Pain Free?
I go to extraordinary lengths to make what I do as pain free as possible. I’d be lying if I said that you’ll never ever feel a thing but, with my gentle approach and state-of-the-art equipment, lots of our patients tell me, “Dr Jack, I didn’t feel a thing.”

You Must Be Expensive!
I am certainly not the cheapest dentist around, nor am I the most expensive. As with most things, you get what you pay for, so I offer great value… the right dentistry at the right price. And I make it easy to pay because we take credit cards and, for major dental work, smile rejuvenation and orthodontics, you can spread the payments.

A Word About My Team- My care team really do want to look after you when you come in for your dental care. They are well trained, highly skilled, very efficient and, most importantly, want you to relax and be comfortable! So, they’re never too busy to get you a tea or coffee or explain things so that you know what’s happening. Quite simply, they really do care!

For Teeth That Look Great- Choose from a whole range of options to suit your budget. Some of the treatment I’m often asked about and happy to help patients with includes:
• care for ageing or breaking teeth
• a smile makeover that looks attractive and natural
• bringing your teeth into line
• closing up a gap between your teeth
• replacing broken or missing teeth
• getting rid of chips and cracks
• restoring old, broken, stained or discoloured teeth
• replacing ugly metal fillings with natural tooth coloured ones
• eliminating the need for a plate or dentures
• enhancing the whiteness or brightness of your teeth

Great Dental Care For Children And Teenagers!
Our aim is to keep your children’s teeth in tip top condition by providing great preventive dental care. Importantly too, when we see children at an early age, we can often correct problems that are normally not identified till their teenage years.

This may mean that the expensive and prolonged procedures, like major orthodontic work, may be minimised or even not needed.

If You Like What You’ve Read…
Just call my office for an appointment to suit your busy lifestyle. When I see you I’ll stop any pain, if that’s the problem. Then I’ll check your teeth and discuss your options so you can decide what you want to do… it’s entirely up to you.

Dr. Jack Yang
Principal Dentist of Infinity Dental Care


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